Review of Sony DSC H70

Many people do not want to lug around a heavy dslr camera, they would prefer something more lightweight and compact. I recently bought the Sony DSC H70 so I thought I would give my review of it.

The Sony DSC H70 is a great addition the wide array of high quality compacts in the current market today. Because of its powerful features all packed in a very svelte design, its suited for enthusiasts looking for a reliable compact that takes photos that will definitely turn heads. Beginners will also find this piece of equipment a very worthy investment and they could start exploring the world of photography with features such as Easy and Intelligent Auto. For the professional shutterbug though, there is enough in here to keep their photography palette satisfied.

Featuring a 16 megapixel count with a large 10x optical zoom lens, you’re sure to get stunning shots with the Cybershot DSC-H70. It also zooms up to 72x, and the camera automatically compensates by reducing the size and megapixel count of your image, which is very helpful indeed. Additionally, with its huge lens, you can crop photos and still get a crisp image afterwards. The lens is also wide angle with its 25mm in 35mm format, allowing you to take photos of huge landscapes and groups of people with ease. To even supplement this further, the Sweep Panorama function gives you the ability to sweep a subject in an arc.

Fun Features on the Sony CyberShot DSC-H70

The Sony Cybershot DSC-H70 also has a very intuitive macro mode which allows you to focus on subjects 5cm away. While others think that 5cm is not enough, you still get some quality close-ups with this. Enthusiasts and professionals will be happy to know that this compact has a manual exposure mode so that you can tinker with your composition before you press the shutter. This also allows beginners to learn the technical aspect of photography, especially aperture and shutter speed. When it comes to handling the DSC-H70, you won’t be disappointed. The right side is elevated so that you can firmly grasp it in one hand. It can also take videos in HD 720p format, which is quite good for a compact this size.

It does have some minor quirks though, such as the lengthy shutter lag when taking photos and the flash. When you use the flash, it creates a different spectrum of color, especially with skin tones, making them a bit different. But these are just very small issues that cannot undermine the power of the DSC-D70. Featuring 14megapixels, a huge 10x optical zoom, HD video recording and very friendly features for beginners and professionals, this is simply a compact worth investing in.

5 unbelievable Iphone Facts!

IPhone is a one of the top ranking Phones in the world which is developed by Apple Inc. Apple has generated a large amount of people’s trust and revolutionized the gadget generation. The late Steve Jobs, the Founder of Apple, developed many Gadgets such as the IPAD, IPHONE, MAC BOOK, IMAC etc… The Iphone has been a massive hit across the globe, pulling in huge sales figures for apple. Here are some interesting iphone facts that we found.

1.It’s Always 9:41 IPhone Ads

Just take a look at the time in any apple iphone ad and it will always be 9:41 am. Normally apple’s events starts at 9 am and after 40 Minutes the ads will appear so They’ve put 9:41 as the time in IPhone Ads. Pretty clever.

2.Bono’s is Living Inside IPhone

If you compare the two pictures of Bono and Artists Icon you can see a similarity. Bono’s action is the Artists Icon.

3. Samsung Develops IPhone Processor

One of the main selling points of the apple iphone is its responsive capabilities, which are largely due to its impressive processing power. It is suprising then that apple have no in fact designed this processor, the credit really goes to Samsung. The famous A9 Chip for IPhone is fast and reliable, two of the main selling points of iphones.

4. You do SMS ,Then Praise IPhone

Short Message Service(SMS) is used by a large number of people in the world, especially smartphone and mobile phone users. So here is the fact that Apple developed the first SMS service and that too is in the IPhone.

5.Retina is very Expensive

Although the retina display its self only costs a mere $30, it costs apple over $200 to assemble it. No wonder the iphone is so damn expensive, right? One of the main selling factors for the iphone is its display clarity and responsiveness, and this is clearly something which many buyers are willing to fork out for. Perhaps in future the cost of this technology will be reduced.